Believable Accolades

“If I were to make a list of my favorite books of all time, Clueless in Calcutta would be in my top five. The fact that I’ve only read seven books in my life should not be counted against it.  But seriously, what a fun and funny book. Do yourself a favor and read it!”–Will Forte, star of SNLNebraska, and upcoming Fox comedy series, The Last Man on Earth                             


“Nothing is as it seems in Clueless in Calcutta. But while our hero’s clients, the dimwitted baby boomers lodged in Calcutta, may remain quite oblivious, Vincent sprinkles clues for the reader amidst misdirection and persistent humor. There are no sacred cows here (except of course the ubiquitous sacred cows in India). Politics, religion, the corporate world are all on the bitten end of Vincent’s wit.

Nothing is as it seems. Sean O’Brien, the hero of Clueless, is not Irish. The woman he encounters in India is more complex than one individual could be. The seemingly kindly proprietor is not who he says he is. And Sean’s clients are a myriad of fascinating personalities with histories and foibles which, as they are unveiled, will leave you in tears of laughter. Each character vibrates with individuality and authenticity. There is no down time in Clueless in Calcutta. You turn every page with anticipation.

My only disappointment with this book is that the sequel is not yet finished. I want to know what happens next to our Barack Obama look-a-like. But Vincent is apparently still in Alipore Central Jail and Rollie, the trusty dung beetle who carries his pages to the outside world (you’ll understand all of this if you read ‘About the Author’) is not known for his celerity.

But all is not lost. I plan to reread Clueless in Calcutta to keep me in good humor until Sean reappears.”–James Jandak Wood, award-winning filmmaker, author and playwright                                                                                                                


 “In Clueless in Calcutta, nothing is what it seems, including the protagonist, who bears a strong resemblance to a certain former U. S. President. Clueless is the hilarious story of how slacker- lawyer Sean O’Brien is plunged into a funhouse-mirror world of misrepresentations and misperceptions, beginning with his flight to India on the Fly India! airline and his subsequent tuk-tuk ride from Calcutta to the ex-pat enclave of Serenity Woods, which is gradually revealed to be something like a nightmare version of The Most Excellent Marigold Hotel. The reader who goes along for this wild ride will be constantly entertained by how Sean deals with the twisted world in which he finds himself, and how he eventually finds himself as well.”—Carolyn Miller, Poet